One of the qualities of raw denim is that it ages beautifully and each pair of jeans will tell an individual story. Over time, how the jeans have been worn will begin to be revealed as your jeans fade and develop creases and lines unique to you. 

We would love you to share photos of your jeans as they become personal to you by using the hashtag #forgefade, and we’ll feature / repost some of the images that we particularly like in our newsletter and Instagram feed.

faded jeans2.jpg


We were sitting around in the office talking denim (it happens) and we thought it would be great if we could build up our own collection of #forgefade jeans. So - if your jeans have developed a particularly interesting look and fade, we may even offer a ‘new for old’ swop.

If you agree, you get a new pair of jeans and we build up our archive. Watch this space…

New Jeans.jpg