Can a slim jean be comfortable?


Before we started to design our jeans we talked to a wide range of guys about what they didn't and didn't like about the styles that were on the market. Whilst many of them liked a slim cut, the one issue that was constantly mentioned was the difficulty finding a slim style that was comfortable to wear all day. 

To address this we spent a lot of time experimenting with different cuts, allowing for a little more room in the thigh whilst still maintaining a slim profile. The effort was worth it - we are pretty confident that, whatever your shape, you will find that one of our styles works for you. 

The Slim (FD001) is based on a traditional slim shape but we have allowed for just enough additional room in the thighs to make these wearable all day.

The Slim Taper (FD002) has a slightly different shape with a little more room in the thigh tapering to the same 14" hem as the FD001. 

For those who prioritise comfort, both styles are available in a 12 oz stretch White Selvedge, in addition to the 13 oz Blue Selvedge and 14 oz Red Selvedge. 

Slim being worn.jpg
David Edwards