English Fine Cottons bring the cotton industry back to the North West.


English Fine Cottons are the company who we selected to make the cotton yarn for all of our tees and sweatshirts. We were back visiting their factory recently and as well as giving Richard and Alex the chance to meet up with old friends, we were given a guided tour of the latest, impressive, technical innovations by the company and selected some fabrics for the next Forge Denim collection.

We first came across English Fine Cottons when we were looking for manufacturing partners in the early days of Forge. From our initial meeting with the company we were impressed, not only by the quality of their work, but also by their ambition to bring cotton spinning back to its spiritual home in the North West of England.

If you remember your history lessons you will know that the North West was the centre of the English cotton industry, one of the main drivers of the industrial revolution. Over time the industry declined in the face of competition from cheaper overseas competitors, to the point where talking about the cotton industry in the North West was a historical reference rather than a statement of the region's current economy.

English Fine Cottons are determined to reverse this trend. They began by converting a 50-year-old cotton ring-spinning system to process ‘technical’ fibres, using traditional textile skills found locally to produce 21st century materials. The next step was to acquire a near derelict cotton mill, Tower Mill, and turn it into a state-of-the-art cotton spinning facility.

English Fine Cottons are now producing some of the world’s finest quality cotton yarns from their base in the North West of England, the cotton manufacturing industry’s spiritual home. We are proud of our partnership with the company and look forward to working together with them for many years to come.

David Edwards