What's the perfect hem width for a slim jean?


We want our jeans to look good, whether you wear them with workboots, loafers or trainers. If the hem of a jean is too wide, it can flap around the ankle, never a good look for a slim or carrot style. If the hem is too tight, it is difficult to fit the jean over a workboot. 

A 14" hem provides the perfect balance, looking good whatever your choice of footwear. However with most brands the width of the hem increases with the waist size, which means that larger guys often end up with a bit too much material at the hem. 

We have addressed this by keeping to a 14" hem for waist sizes 32", 34" and 36", subtly tailoring the shape of the leg to maintain the slim profile, whatever size you buy. It's all part of our attention to detail and our commitment to making absolutely the best jeans that we can - period.

David Edwards