Why do our jeans cost £260?


This is a question that we get asked from time to time, and yes, £260 is a lot of money - and yes, we know that you can buy a 'nice' pair of jeans for £30 in the High Street, but this was never the market we were aiming for.

When we set up Forge Denim, we had two guiding principles. The first of these was that

We would make the best jeans that we can, not the best jeans for a given price

So, what difference does this make?

  • We sourced our raw denim from the world renowned Kurabo mills in Japan. We would have loved to have worked with an English manufacturer but Kurabo denim is famous for a reason - it is the best. We can be confident that our jeans will last for years, wear and fade beautifully and keep their shape.
  • All our jeans are made with a one piece fly. This is a more difficult and expensive process but the result is a stronger construction and a more tailored, cleaner finish.
  • Our pocket bags are made from organic herringbone cotton manufactured by John Spencer in Lancashire, a sixth generation family business. Each pocket bag is then screen printed and hand numbered to provide that individual touch for your pair of jeans. We could have saved money by importing cheap cotton for our pocket bags, but we specified organic cotton to reduce the environmental impact.
  • We are the only jeans company to make our buttons in England. Our stainless steel buttons are manufactured by Coltech Precision Engineering, a Sheffield based company, located in the street where Alex, one of our founders, was born. It would have been much cheaper to buy the buttons abroad, but working with local companies we know we have a quality product.

We could go on but we think you get the idea.

Our second principle was that 

We would only work with companies who cared for their staff and the environment

Or to put it another way, we would only partner with businesses that we would be happy to work for ourselves.

One key aspect to this is that - apart from our raw denim - all our materials and components are sourced in England and all our clothing is made in England. We are proud of the tradition of English craftsmanship and do all we can to support this.

We could definitely save money by sourcing our materials and manufacturing from companies thousands of miles away. However we want to make sure that everyone involved in making our clothes is paid and treated fairly, and that the companies we work with are committed to preserving the environment. As a small company, the only way we can be confident about this is to work with local businesses who share our values, and with whom we can build relationships (and friendships) for the longer term.

So - if you buy a pair of jeans from us, what do you get for your money?

You get a pair of the finest quality jeans that will last for years, made with love and care by craftsmen and women who are fairly rewarded for their skills and who work for companies who are committed to looking after this planet that we all share. 

We work out the price by adding up the cost of materials and manufacture, adding a fair wage for our staff and a small profit so that we can invest in the future of Forge Denim. It is probably clear by now that we do this for love, not money - we aren't planning to move 'offshore' any time soon...

David Edwards