Our Story

Forge Denim was founded by Richard Mappin and Alex Mir. Richard has been collecting jeans for over two decades with an encyclopaedic knowledge all things denim, whilst Alex’s background in retail has meant that he has worked with and learnt from many of the iconic denim brands.

"Our friendship developed over hours of conversation about the details that made for a really great pair of jeans, and it seemed a natural next step to think about setting up our own company, Forge Denim, based on the principles that:

  • We wanted to incorporate the craftsmanship that is part of the denim heritage, but take a modern approach to design and fit.

  • Our aim was to make the best jeans that we could, not the best jeans for a set price.

  • All our clothing would be manufactured in the UK using companies that we selected for the quality of their work, and the care that they showed towards their staff and the environment."



"Forge Denim is based in Sheffield, the city where we grew up and where we still live. (The branded steel buttons for Forge Denim jeans are made by a company located in the same street where Alex was born.) Sheffield is a city of makers, which values craftsmanship, plain speaking and treating people fairly. We would like to think that Forge Denim reflects these values." 

Made with love and care

"When we designed the first Forge Denim collection, we paid attention to all those small details that make a difference between a pair of jeans that you wear, and a pair that become your favourite item of clothing – jeans that look good and feel good from the moment you put them on.

The changes that we made include:

  • Cutting both the Slim (FD001) and Slim Taper (FD002) styles with a little more room in the thigh so that you can choose a slim jean that provides comfort as well as a perfect fit.

  • Changing the angle of the pockets and their depth so that you can access your smartphone, wallet and change easily and securely.

  • Choosing a 14" hem width for the Slim and Slim Taper styles which works with loafers, workboots or trainers. These are jeans that look good whether you dress up or down.

  • Combining the looser cut of the The Unconventional (FD003) style with an inverted yoke, so that your jeans still fit perfectly without the risk of ‘builder’s cleavage’ moments.

Jeans are at the heart of the Forge Denim brand but our first collection also includes T-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets which have been designed with the same care and attention to detail and which work well together. We hope you enjoy wearing our clothes as much as we have enjoyed making them."  

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